In the Classroom

In my role as an educator, I aim to prepare students for meaningful participation in civic society. Throughout the semester, I challenge students to think creatively and flexibly by envisaging new approaches to real-world scenarios. As such, my teaching approach is highly interactive, engaging, and relevant to current sociopolitical affairs.

“Emily Saras has been my most comfortable experience with a professor, nonetheless a math professor! She takes the time to listen to her students and guide them as much as possible. Hers may be the first A in a math course I will have received since 6th grade which means more than you will ever know. The icing on the cake is how wonderful of a personality she has and how she talks to our class as equals.”

– Anonymous Student from Fall 2019 Social Statistics Course, through the Thank-A-Professor Program at FSU’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching

The courses I teach take sociological concepts off the page and put them into action: my lectures involve interactive class discussions, relevant current events analysis, and collaborative case-study analysis. I teach my students how to critically analyze our complex social world. Through my interactive and engaging courses, students thoughtfully explore the complex connections between sociological concepts and our social, cultural, political, and economic lives.

Approachable Quantitative Teaching
Throughout my Social Statistics and Intro to Biostatistics for Public Health courses, I teach students how to overcome math anxiety and help them develop strengths in statistical analysis.

Many students begin this course doubtful of their ability to succeed in math. This course is designed to introduce new ways of thinking about math that are accessible to all kinds of learners. First, we build up our math ability beliefs while mastering the basics of probability and descriptive statistics. Over the course of the semester, we strengthen our intermediate analytic skills through examples grounded in applied sociological analysis.

This is one of the best online classes I’ve taken!

– Introduction to Biostatistics for Public Health Online Student

Focus on Advanced Writing Skills
Through strategically-designed course assignments, I aim to promote the development of strong writing and self-revision skills through cycles of the writing process, from supportive drafting to constructive feedback and revision.

The Coaching Approach
Over the course of six years working in higher education, I have developed a passion for helping students expand beyond their comfort zones. I employ a coaching approach in my work with students, helping students develop measurable goals for improving their critical thinking skills over the course of the semester. I infuse my syllabi with assignments that promote their development of a growth mindset. Furthermore, I provide students with flexibility and accommodations when necessary so that they feel comfortable and can produce their best possible work. 

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